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Trains carrying coal and cargo have run on this road, supporting people's lives. Look for the remains of railroad tracks along the bike path.

The bicycle path is a former railway line

The exhilarating riding experience while enjoying the diverse scenery of wetlands, countryside, and mountain forests is the unique charm of the Kushiro Akan Bicycle Route.

Diverse scenery

Right next to the Showa Rest Area, there is a tree lined with Yachidamo, the representative tree of Kushiro Marsh. You can feel the history of developing the wetlands.

Tree-lined road that feels pioneering

If you listen closely, you can hear not only the murmur of the river, but also the voices of wild birds such as the Great Sandpiper and the Black-bellied Warbler. Of course, you may also see red-crowned cranes!

Encounter with wild birds

Yachibouzu, with its unique appearance resembling a shaved head, is a work of nature's art formed by sedges and other plants pushing up their roots over the years!

Marsh plant Yachibouzu

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The charm of Kushiro Akan bicycle path

Ask nature guide Shio

Kushiro Akan bicycle path
Let's run!

The Kushiro Akan Bicycle Road, commonly known as the "Wetland Dream Road," is a 25.5km bicycle path that connects Showa, Kushiro City, and Akan Town, Kushiro City.

There are many attractions in the area surrounding the bicycle path, including the Kushiro City Wetland Observation Deck, Hokuto Ruins, Kushiro City Wetland Observation Deck, and the roadside station Akan Tancho no Sato.

This is a recommended area where you can enjoy a whole day of pottering.

​The person who told me about the charms of the Kushiro Akan Cycling Path was...
Hirofumi Sio
Representative of Kusuri Dekoboko Travel Agency/Nature Guide. A guide who uses his experience living in three national parks in eastern Hokkaido (Shiretoko, Akan, Kushiro Marsh) to convey the charms of these places.

Route from Kushiro Airport to the city center on the Kushiro Akan bicycle path

From the wetland dream road
Aim for Minato Kushiro

Kushiro Marsh Observatory and

At the Hokuto ruins

detour route

Kushiro Marsh Observatory
Yorimichi route

Shinkushiro River and

At the fork of the Kushiro River

Route that takes a detour to the water gate

Shin-Kushiro River/Kushiro Marsh
Yorimichi route

Starting from Nushimai Bridge

Motomachi area

route to travel

roots of
Kushiro route

Kushiro cycle route

Akan town area

<Route1 target area>

Kushiro Airport/Yamahana Area

<Route 1 target area>

Hokuto area

<Route2 target area>

Western Kushiro area

<Route 1/3 target area>

Kushiro city area

<Route 1 & 4 target areas>



Recommended spots

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